What Is Different About The Stabilizer Workshops?

The primary difference is the philosophy and structure of the entire training program. Factory staff and others who have direct and indirect financial interest in equipment sales put on the lions share of most other workshops in the United States and Internationally. That is not to say they are not good workshops and talented instructors, but neither The Stabilizer Workshops or I have any direct or indirect financial gain from our sponsors. Our advice and training program is motivated only by the desire to help you learn and grow in a personalized and supportive environment.The next important differentiators are our exclusive custom designed training Workshop and the fact that we use real rigs with real cameras and accessories; the same equipment professional operators use every day on the biggest shows, commercials and feature films.

Last but not least are our small class sizes of no more than four students, and an instructor ratio of no more than two students per instructor. We also offer private one-on-one training and personalized business planning. We believe we offer a total-package approach unlike any other workshop program. Check out our client testimonials link!

Can I Bring My Own Rig?

Yes you can! We welcome all brands including Steadicam™, PRO, XCS, Sachtler, MK-V and Glidecam. Your entire system must be complete, functional, with cables and in perfect working order, capable of comfortably balancing, powering and carrying professional cameras / accessory payloads of at least 20 lbs and potentially upwards of 30 lbs. If you’re bringing a rig that is closely maxed out at 20 lbs, please ask first so I can try to make sure we don’t’ end up with all full-blown Alexas those days. The only exception to the 20 lb rule is for specific DSLR and small camera workshops. If in doubt call me! Or you can keep it simple and use the free professional equipment.

Why Are Your Workshops More Expensive?

We quite simply offer an entirely different workshop experience! Our classes are either one-on-one or no larger that four students. You essentially get as much personalized attention and more rig time in our two-day course as you’ll likely get in a five day course with 12-16 students all vying for time on whatever gear is there. At The Stabilizer Workshops it’s all about personalized training using real rigs and real cameras.

As far as I know, our exclusive custom designed training facility is one of a kind and no other program can match that.

Finally, as working Steadicam Operators, we are not on salary, payroll or paid in any way by our sponsors. You get active working operators as instructors, not factory staff, consultants, beginners or sales reps who are not active and current in today’s real world market. We make a living balancing paying jobs in production and time-spent teaching.

Who Are The Instructors?

I am the primary facilitator for all the workshop programs. We will bring in paid guest instructors based on their availability and the course offerings.

How Can I Be An Instructor?

If you are interested in becoming an instructor for The Stabilizer Workshops please contact me to discuss your interest and availability. We need experienced operators, DPs and even Directors who want to work half-days, single days or full workshops. The pay rate is professional and reflective of your experience, time commitment and ability to teach.

Will You Do A Workshop At My Location?

Yep! Once again it’s all about you! However, there are travel expenses involved and shipping if you do not have your own rig. We will also need to find an appropriate indoor space to conduct the workshop. If family or work affects your ability to travel, or if you’d just straight out rather do the workshop locally, call me and we’ll make it happen.

Are There Regularly Scheduled Workshops?

Each workshop is based on your schedule and our mutual availability. Our training center is available seven days a week but we do not do night classes. We are currently planning workshops surrounding the dates of the large tradeshows such as NAB and CineGear. For those of you who travel from abroad or come to the west coast for those events, you should sign up early as space is always limited.

Do You Offer International Workshops?

Yes we do and yes we have! Please contact us if you would like to discuss hosting or organizing a workshop or series of workshops in your country.

Will I Be A Full-fledged Stabilizer Operator After The Two Day Intro?

No, no more than taking a two-day piano class will make you a performing pianist. The technique and art of becoming an accomplished Steadicam Operator is an acquired skill and quite frankly not an art that everyone is well suited to no matter how much you want it or how hard your practice. For instance, someone could teach you all the exact dance steps of Fred Astaire or the golf swing of Tiger Woods and you can practice day and night but unless you have the gift, what I call “the touch” operating a rig that does not make you a professional dancer, golfer or operator.

After working your way through a few of our workshops, I high suggest you attend other workshops, especially the ones produced in Spring and Fall by Jay Kilroy and team at The Steadicam Operators Association in Pennsylvania.

The Tiffen / Steadicam Company produces at least two large group workshops as well each year held on the East and West coasts as well.

The point is, the more training you get and the more you practice you commit to the quicker you’ll be up to speed and working. Ask any Steadicam Operator and they’ll tell you to “take a workshop”!

How Do I Get There And Can You Help Me With Travel Plans?

Yes of course! There are hundreds of affordable flights into and out of nearby Burbank (BUR) and Los Angeles International (LAX) everyday. Burbank is the closest airport to Valencia and there are a wide range of hotels we can recommend within minutes of the training center. You could likely get by without a rental car if you don’t mind using Super Shuttle to/from the airports and a short taxi ride from your hotel to the training center. If it is one of our small group workshops, we recommend sharing the cost of a rental car.

Can You Accommodate Special Dietary Needs?

Absolutely! Our lunch and snacks are generally ample and based on healthy fresh food, but we do occasionally call out for pizza. If you have special requests such as vegetarian, vegan, no soy, low sodium or no gluten, let us know the product and brands you prefer or need to avoid and we’ll make it happen!

Where Do You Conduct The Personalized Business Planning?

Due to the very personal and private nature of the business planning workshop, I conduct these workshops in a large hotel suite in Santa Monica very close to LAX. If you are coming only for this workshop I suggest you fly into LAX instead of Burbank. There are affordable hotel selections in Santa Monica and it’s unlikely you’ll need a rental car if you don’t mind a short walk along this gorgeous beachfront community.

Do You Offer Discounts For Multiple Workshops?

Yes, if you are taking multiple back to back workshops which is typically a stabilizer workshop followed by the Personalized Business Planning workshop, there is a 15% Discount off the cost of the Business Planning workshop. If you want to take more than two workshops back to back we should discuss your options and additional discounts over the phone.

What Is My Next Step Now?

Send me an email with your phone number or call me directly and we’ll discuss your wants, wishes and dreams and work to help you turn those dreams into reality.

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