Welcome to the The Stabilizer Workshops!

First, let’s get something out of the way! Steadicam™ is a registered Trademark of The Tiffen Company but they are 100% welcome to be involved. The Stabilizer Workshops is not affiliated with or endorsed by Steadicam™, The Steadicam™ Workshops or The Tiffen Company. However, we openly welcome all brands into our workshops and I personally have owned three Steadicam™ systems and have attended and/or assisted at at least four of their two-day and week-long workshops, plus I have worked as a paid spokesperson in their tradeshows. Without their support early-on I’d have never made it to where I am today. Camera Stabilization Specialists are generically referred to throughout our industry as “Steadicam Operators” regardless of their equipment. It is in this context that I use the reference to Steadicam Operators on this website.

Now, let’s get on with it!

After teaching dozens of private one-on-one stabilizer and business workshops for aspiring and upcoming operators, I saw that there was lack of personalized and custom training programs tailored to you as an individual. Everyone has their own unique learning style, experience level and personality. With that in mind, I designed these workshops with well-crafted curriculums catered to YOU, YOUR NEEDS and YOUR SCHEDULE.

I am an actively working Camera / Steadicam Operator, as are all our instructors and assistant instructors. You get real world experience at your location, or at ours.

You get real professional level stabilizers and real cameras, not a makeshift location in the back of a camera store with ten to sixteen students vying for time on a handful of prosumer systems and $300 home video cameras attached to weight plates. We use real rigs and real cameras just like professionals use every day in Hollywood and on professional sets around the world. The maximum class size is four students with at least one instructor per two students. Private one-on-one stabilizer training is available as well and all business consults are one-on-one.

The Stabilizer Workshops were purposely created as a non-brand specific workshop program.

All brands of professional level stabilizers are welcome. I’ve personally owned three Steadicam™ brand rigs; a Steadicam™ Flyer, Steadicam™ Clipper and Steadicam™ Clipper 24. My current kit is a custom-built hybrid system composed of a PRO arm and vest and an XCS Ultimate sled. You’ll get straightforward answers about equipment choices from me without a sales pitch. The Stabilizer Workshops is not a manufacturer’s owned sales and marketing program where the underlying goal is to sell you equipment. I have no equipment to sell so I am free to discuss the merits of all equipment. Every brand has it’s merits in the wide realm of today’s production industry.

The bottom line is I’m working in your best interests, with a focus on professional training, sound business advice and helping you make an educated decision if you’re in the market for gear. You have my personal guarantee that I have no interests or financial gain in the sale of gear from any manufacturer. It’s all about YOU!

Shoot me an email or give me a call and let’s talk about a program to help you reach your goals and dreams.

Robert Starling, SOC

Camera / Steadicam Operator

Westcoast Steadicam