Advanced Techniques and Aesthetics Workshop

This intense two-day workshop is for established Steadicam Operators who have at least 2+ years experience working professionally or who have a minimum of one-year experience and have successfully graduated the Advanced Skill Builder Workshop or another workshop program of five days or more. There will be some minor assessment and tweaks on technique but you should come into this workshop at a point in your operating skills where you are one with your stabilizer and you make complex moves, combinations and switches without thinking about it. You should be operating by muscle memory on all levels with the ability to focus purely on composition. The minimum and maximum class size is four students with two students per instructor.

The focus of our Advanced Techniques and Aesthetics Workshop is on the creative and aesthetic aspect of moving the camera and the story with increasingly challenging sets and obstacles in our exclusive custom designed training facility. You will leave this workshop with a heightened awareness and understanding of shot choreography, camera motivation and the ability to offer creative solutions to DP’s and Directors.

Our instructor team will be from a select group of the most experienced, talented and sought after Steadicam Operators, DPs and Directors in the industry. Consequently, this workshop will only be held two to three times per year based on availability of this elite group of “A-List” individuals.



Professional Level Stabilizers

Professional Level Stabilizers provided with HD monitors. Do to the advanced nature of this workshop, if you already own a rig you are encouraged to bring it or at least bring your own vest.**

Professional Cameras

Professional Cameras – Typically RED variants, full size ENG cameras or ARRI Alexas depending on availability. If you want a specific camera I’ll try to get that for you but no promises due to availability.

Professional Accessories

Professional Accessories including Preston follow focus and wireless transmitters.

Customized Curriculum

A customized written curriculum based on your needs.

Exclusive Training Workshop

Training at our LA or Las Vegas training workshop or at your location.

Review & Evaluation

Video recording, review and evaluation of your operating technique before and after including a take-home disk or USB flashdrive with all the recorded files.

Lunch Provided

A hearty healthy lunch plus ample snacks and beverages are provided throughout the day. The lunch break is a working lunch where we continue discussing the gear, techniques and equipment.



Cost: $2,500 per person

There is no credit for providing your own rig.

Terms: 50% non-refundable deposit*

Balance due at the beginning of the workshop.

Payment methods:

Cash or check. We also accept, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express with a 5% administration fee for all credit and debit card transactions.

* Cancellation Policy:

Workshop deposits are non-refundable. However, this is all about you and I’m very flexible. As professionals it is sometimes advantageous to reschedule your dates if you are offered other work or jobs that conflict with the date scheduled for your workshop. Sometimes life just happens. As an active working Steadicam Operator, I will always honor your dates but flexibility goes both ways and mutual flexibility would be appreciated. Please keep in mind the limited nature of this workshop and the instructors who teach it.

** All brands of rigs are welcome but not all models are appropriate for our professional workshops.

Your rig must be in good working order, able to be fitted to your body and capable of carrying and powering a camera package of at least 20+ pounds. DSLR and small camera workshops are not required to meet the 20 pound limit. You are responsible for providing all appropriate cables for your rig and the camera / accessories. If in doubt about your rig please call. Otherwise our rigs are there for your use at no additional charge. You must also sign a damage and loss liability waiver for your own rig.