“The best thing about this class is the small class size, which provides lots of time practicing with the rig and lots of attention from the instructor. Robert was able to provide plenty of feedback and personalized instruction.
Another great aspect of the class was the chance to work with state of the art equipment. These are the rigs the pros are using! This class was the best starting off point for my Steadicam career.”
Adam Kirschhoffer Los Angeles
“Robert’s inside knowledge and access to the industry provided several opportunities during our training together that I would not have had otherwise. Some of the knowledge shared during our training also helped me to set my own goals more realistically.
He has made himself available well after the formal training session to answer any questions I have had. He’s been a great mentor and is someone who really cares about the long-term growth and success of his students.”
Scott Kealoha Steadicam / Camera Operator Portland, OR
“Robert’s Stabilizer Workshop gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to not only move the camera, but launch my Steadicam business too.”
Tim Yoder – Steadicam Operator – Arkansas – www.yodersteadicam.com
“I took Robert Starling’s two-day Business Workshop and highly recommend his personalized, one-on-one training to anyone looking to get into the business and/or wanting to make a career out of operating Steadicam. I consider Robert a mentor- he helped me tremendously and I owe much of my current and probably all of my future success to him.
Through Robert’s continued support and his genuine interest in seeing me succeed in my career, I am motivated and know I’m on the right track. The best advice I can give anyone interested in Steadicam is to first take Robert’s stabilizer workshop, and then take his Business Workshop!”
-Andrew Ansnick – Steadicam Operator – Los Angeles
“One of the best things I did for my Steadicam Career was study under Robert Starling. He taught me 1– that Steadicam is an art and 2 – that Steadicam is a business. His knowledge base is immense — from exercises in operating to equipment management — he leaves nothing unaddressed, even down to who to call to get shelves made for my cart. If you are serious about making Steadicam a career, do yourself a favor and let Robert Starling steer you in the right direction.”
-Marco Naylor Steadicam Owner/Operator
“The stabilizer class rocked! Couldn’t have asked for a better learning environment or instructors. A definite must if you’re looking to get into Steadicam.
Robert’s direct approach to teaching by using real world examples has really helped me grow my business. His knowledge of how to get into the business, and stay in it, has helped our company reach higher than ever before.”

Payton Peterson Colorado
“Pro Stabilizer Systems would like to thank Robert Starling for his impressive two-day business class at our facility. During the course of the two days we were enlightened through Robert’s unique technique of asking questions and offering avenues that had yet to be explored for company growth.
Almost immediately upon acting on the ideas and suggestions that had been brought forth through the workshop we have seen tremendous growth in our company. We would highly recommend Roberts business class to anyone who would like to advance in their professional life.
Thanks again Robert for the fresh ideas. Your efforts are much appreciated by us and so many others.”

-Jack, Michelle and the PRO team – GPI-PRO Systems – Home of PRO Stabilizer Systems
“I’ve attended Robert’s Business Planning and Camera Operator courses and have nothing but great things to say. Robert packed decades of experience into each of those courses and delivered the training with a tremendous amount of professionalism, energy and personalized attention to me as a student.”
-Scott Kealoha Steadicam / Camera Operator Portland, OR
“Robert has been a tremendous asset to myself and our staff at Tropical Imaging for many years. Given his experience, it was only natural that we turned to him for our customized Steadicam training.
Not only did he ensure that we had all the right equipment, he also helped us with spare part kits and other accessories and was a great facilitator with the Steadicam company themselves.
He brings not only his years of experience as an operator, but an ability to teach, and keep a class relaxed but focused. The course he built for our specific needs was invaluable and a great success.”
-Andy Mann Tropical Imaging Turks & Caicos Islands
“I’d actually considered taking Robert’s workshop for over a year.
Eventually, the time came when I decided my operating skills were advancing, but my business needed attention. His instruction is customized to the individual he’s working with, but not in an “apply a formula for all individuals” sense. Some lessons apply to all students, but you get specific insights into your current state and where you want to be going.
Simply put: he helps shine a light on why you are where you are, and helps you develop a path to where you want to be. That sort of clarity and support is worth every penny of your investment, not just in the two-days of your workshop but in the weeks, months and years to follow!”
-William B. Demeritt III – Steadicam Operator – Los Angeles, CA
While there was classroom time, Robert made sure I applied what I was learning. The Camera Operator training was a hands-on course and most of the time was spent actually working on a project that could be used for a demo reel.
Robert’s first-hand experience in owning and operating his own businesses was one of my criteria for training with him. He willingly shares some of the hard lessons he has learned growing his companies and provides a path for setting up your own business to run successfully. You’ll realize from the moment you contact him that not only are you dealing with a master at his craft, but also someone who treats his business seriously.”
-Scott Kealoha Steadicam / Camera Operator Portland, OR